Thank you for requesting additional information about working from home with Ameriplan®. Below are some of our national sponsors, partners, providers, credentials as well as some of the national publications we've been featured in. As you can see, we are very well known and respected on a national level. Below these logos, you will find an overview covering exactly how you can work from home with Ameriplan®.

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Thank you for deciding to learn more about working from home with AmeriPlan®. I am so lucky to have found AmeriPlan®. It’s given me the freedom to earn an income while being able to spend more time with my family. I'm excited to help you get started working from home with AmeriPlan® as well. Please grab a pen and paper and jot down any questions you have while reading the information below. Afterwards, give me a call and I will answer all of your questions. Together we can see if working from home with AmeriPlan® is a good fit for you as well!

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Ameriplan® is the number one savings and protection plan company in the United States. We’ve been in business for 20 years. We have the hottest savings and protection plans available in the United States today with virtually no competition. Our plans include things like Medical, Dental, Vision, Roadside Assistance, Free Legal Services, Identity Theft Protection, Credit Repair, Debt Relief, savings up to 50% or more on dining, shopping, entertainment and automotive care and SO MUCH MORE! Our company has literally revolutionized the industry by making a fantastic and affordable plan available to everyone living in the United States.

The most important thing for most when choosing a company to work with is that the company needs to be not only legitimate but also credible, trustworthy and well known on a NATIONAL level. We hope that is a top priority for you as well. As far as our national credentials, Ameriplan® has the highest rating possible with the US Chamber of Commerce, Ameriplan® has an "A+" rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we are also members of the National Association of Dental Plans and the Consumer Health Alliance. Our company has been recognized and featured in publications such as “The New York Times”, "US News and World Report", "", “Time Magazine”, “Parent Magazine” and even on "Good Morning America". The American Pregnancy Association has Ameriplan® on their website and encourages pregnant women to use Ameriplan® for their medical needs. Most importantly, we are partnered with the FBI. Most people are able to determine quickly that Ameriplan® is a solid legitimate company amidst all of the unfortunate scams out there; however, our partnership with the FBI and Ameriplan's "A+" rating with the BBB certainly does solidify that. So as you can see we are very well known and respected on a national level.

When you work with Ameriplan® you are an independent rep so it’s not a job, it’s not working for someone else. You are your own boss, you make your own hours and you can work either FT or PT. We even receive family benefits and direct deposit. Even though you are your own boss, you are not working alone. We work together as a part of a team so you will meet other people immediately when you start working and they will help train you. You will be working alongside these other reps on a daily basis and you will have home phone numbers of other reps your very first day with the company! You will always have plenty of people to turn to for help and support.

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When we work from home with Ameriplan® we do two things. We help people get setup in any of our savings or protections plans, and we help other quality people work from home with Ameriplan® as well. We will go into a little more detail about that, but first, we want to take a moment to explain the plans we offer and how they are helping consumers. We will give you a very brief overview now, but if you’d like to learn more about the plans please ask the person who sent you to this website for more details.

We have four plans in all and Americans who use all of our plans usually save between $200-$400 a month all year round. The first plan is our Dental Plan, which includes free Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic. It is $19.95 per month for an entire household. This covers everyone under the roof, related or not. The second plan is our Total Health plan, which basically covers all medical, dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic needs and it's only $49.95. We have over 400,000 health care providers nationwide and we work with every Hospital in the country. Our plans are accepted at all major pharmacies including CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Target, your local grocery stores and all major vision centers including Pearl Vision, Lens Crafters, Sears, JCPenney and the list goes on. Our third plan is our Platinum Plan; this is a wonderful combo package that includes the Dental, Vision, Prescription Chiropractic, Legal and Financial Services, Roadside Assistance, Identity Theft Protection and savings nationwide on everyday expenses like dining, automotive, shopping, travel and much more. This plan is only $50 a month per household. Our fourth plan is our Total Platinum plan which includes everything in the Platinum Plus plan plus the full medical plan for your family. All of our plans are something that people TRULY need so we can reach out and help Americans on many levels!! Households, on average, can save over $3000 a year or more using these savings plans. Now, with the economy, more people than ever are signing up on our plans or starting to work from home with Ameriplan® to earn additional income.

Let's back up now and briefly go over what you’d be doing from home with Ameriplan®. There are two positions that everyone holds. The first position is a Training Specialist or Recruiter. With this position we help other quality people work from home with AmeriPlan® as well. We are trained to interview people and see if this company is a good match for them. If it is, we get them started working.

The second position is a Plan Specialist where we help people save money by enrolling them into any of our plans. With these positions, we don't do any cold calling or telemarketing. And, we are definitely not sales people so we hope that’s not what you were looking for. Basically, what we are doing is responding to people's requests for more information and educating them on what we have to offer. If it’s a good fit for them and their family, great! If not, we just move on to the next person who asked for information. We advertise and market, either online, offline, or both, to get people who have an interest to come to us. So we are NOT out there chasing people or selling to friends and family which makes for a very casual work environment. You'll learn in your training how to get people who have an interest to come to you, so you don’t have to already know that coming in. That’s part of the free training we receive with Ameriplan®. You will learn how to do things like place free online classified ads, post on message boards and blogs, market for free in your local area and much, much more.

So what happens is people answer our ads by either calling us, emailing us or by visiting our websites and registering for more information. We then contact these people back and we talk to them for a few minutes. We explain the plans and answer their questions. Then, if they want the plans we do their paper work, submit it to corporate online and that’s it!

We do train you to master these positions. We have a really amazing training program. Our interactive training website walks you step by step through your initial training starting your very first day. We also have training calls going on everyday that you can call into at your convenience to get some extra training. You will be meeting and working with other members of our team as well. And then of course you'll have me, your personal mentor as well as other successful reps on our team. We will work one on one with you. You’ll have our home phone numbers the day you start so you can always reach us when you need help.

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So, that is what we do here at AmeriPlan®. Now, here is how we get paid. There are three levels you can choose from when coming into Ameriplan®. You can change your level at any time.

Those on Level One earn a 20% commission off of anything they enroll including any of the savings plans, or any reps they may recruit to work with the company.

Level Two Reps will earn a 30% commission.

Level Three Reps will earn a 40% commission.

What makes Ameriplan® so amazing, and the reason why we have thousands of reps making $25,000 or $50,000 even $75,000 a year or more working from home part time, is because we do make that 20% to 40%commission right away, but we continue to make that same commission amount again and again, each month. Month after month, year after year, as long as our customer is paying their low monthly premium, we continue to make that same commission amount again, without ever having to do any additional work. For example, if you sign up 5 one month you will get paid on 5. Next month sign up 5 again and now you will get paid on 10, the next month sign up another 5 and get paid on 15 and so on. This is called Residual Income.

As an added bonus, Ameriplan® will also double your first check on each new piece of business. For example, if your first check on a new piece of business is supposed to be $30, Ameriplan® will pay you $60. Then, every month thereafter you will make the normal $30. It’s Ameriplan’s® way of helping us make more money faster!

This is excellent income, but there’s still more! Ameriplan® is very proactive at rewarding us financially for our efforts. When someone you recruited into Ameriplan® as a Rep is doing well, it’s a reflection upon you because you helped to mentor and train them. So, once you have established your business with Ameriplan®, you will also earn an additional commission, up to 33%, off of what the people you’ve recruited are doing. This commission will help to double your total income.

You might wonder how much you will make with Ameriplan®. It's different for everyone, because not everyone works the same amount of hours or has the same level of commitment. On our team, for those consistently putting in at least 10-15 hours a week, we have people making anywhere from $500 a month to over $4,000 a month and we have people who just started this month all the way up to people who have been working with Ameriplan® for over nine years!

The Cadillac Club

You can qualify for Ameriplan’s prestigious Cadillac Club and put yourself behind the wheel of this outstanding automobile.

You can drive a Luxurious White Diamond Sports Sedan or Coupe with Titanium Colored Leather Interior. Contact an Ameriplan IBO for more details.

FAST Track Program

RSD within 30 days is $250.00

SRSD within 60 days is $500.00

ESD within 60 days is $750.00

SESD within 60 days is $1,000

NSD within 60 days is $1250.00

Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the Month will be awarded $500.00

Rookie of each quarter will be awarded $1,000

Rookie of the year will be awarded $3,000

Terri M.

Daphne D.

Maria R.

That’s who we are, what we do and how we get paid. Now we will quickly go over how you would get started working from home with us. Ameriplan® is a business that you would own, like your very own franchise of Ameriplan®. Like any legitimate business there are startup costs involved, however, fortunately for us, ours are very low. The average legitimate home business has startup costs (those approved by the Better Business Bureau like Ameriplan®) of an average startup cost of $500 - $1000 or more. Again, thankfully that’s NOT the case with us! Ours are much, MUCH lower.

Our business costs cover everything we need to run our business, including all of our e-commerce websites online, our back office website where we do our work from and check on our earnings, all of our training, training classes online and over the phone and all of our training materials all of our back office accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, credit card processing for our customers, paper work and application processing, postage, shipping and much more are covered within our low monthly overhead.

Unlike other legitimate home businesses, we aren't required to purchase and store products and inventory or meet monthly quotas. Everything that we just mentioned above is covered in a low monthly overhead. The overhead amount depends on which level you choose to come in at.

Those who choose Level one, (Platinum Plus)
$50.00 per month
Our company always pays DOUBLE commission the first month.
20% commission

Those who choose Level two, (Total Platinum Plus)
Total Platinum
$75.00 per month
Our company always pays DOUBLE commission the first month.
30% commission

Good News, the Total Platinum Pass is on a promotion.
Promotion ends on May 4th, 2014
Promotion details:
$15 1st three months
$30 2nd three months
$45 3rd three months
$60 4th three months

Those who choose Level three ( Platinum Freedom Pass)
Platinum Freedom Pass
$150.00 per month
Our company always pays DOUBLE commission the first month.
40% commission

There is a $19.95 annual registration which includes:
* Starter kit - includes IBO applications, product brochures and sales aid order form
* 5 Personalized websites
* IBO Back Office website

Once you enroll, you will receive:
  • Marketing Websites with E-Commerce Packages included
  • Family Benefits (Dental, Vision, Prescription, Chiropractic)
  • Training Site
  • Ongoing Support
  • Back office to check your earnings 24/7
  • Marketing Package
  • Opportunity to earn bonuses

We also help you save money and protect you family. You will also receive:
  • ID Theft Protection
  • National Child ID
  • Family Legal Plan
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Financial Services
  • Incredible Savings at thousands of merchants on Dining, Automotive, and Recreation. Receive Shopping discounts on 27,000 nationwide stores.
  • Huge home office deductions

Obviously it costs more than $50 to $150 a month for everything we get to run our businesses but Ameriplan® graciously supplements the rest for us to help keep our costs low. We then have a small startup cost of only $19.95 to get our websites up and running our very first day. Then, every month thereafter, there will be the overhead amount related to the commission percentage you chose. Once your checks start coming, your monthly overhead will just be taken out of your paycheck once per month.

Something we didn’t mention yet is that you will receive the discount plans Ameriplan® offers as well. The Level you come in at determines which plans you will receive for free. Level One will receive the Dental Plan, and it goes up to Level Three Getting Every single savings plan we offer. Those who receive the plans for free, and use them, are able to save an average of around $250 a month using them. So having all of the plans for free is an amazing perk.

There is just one more thing worth mentioning. The IRS actually gives us HUGE tax deductions for owning a business that we run out of our homes.

So now, the cost of $50 to $60 a month to run your business will be a lot easier knowing you can receive huge home office deductions.

Use that money to pay off debt, take a family vacation, do home repairs or save for a rainy day. Do whatever you want with that money but know that starting a home business like Ameriplan® is what I feel to be one of the best tax shelters available.

That’s all the information about working from home with Ameriplan®, so thank you for reading all of the details. Now, please go ahead and call me back today. Make sure to have your questions in hand. I will answer them all for you and together we can see if working from home with Ameriplan® is a good fit for you!

To get started now, you can call me at (845) 279-1225 or go to Join Now to enroll yourself online.
IMPORTANT: When you reach the package selection page of the application, be sure to check the box of which package/level you would like to have ($50, $15, or $150) before continuing on to the next screen. This will ensure that you are eligible to receive commission, residual income and bonuses.

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