Janie J., National Vice President & Michael J., National Vice President

"For years I had searched for a home-based business that could supplement our family income so that I could continue to stay at home with my children.

I had tried several home-based companies, paid to read emails, paid to do surveys, the wellness company, telemarketing at home, surveys, bought many work at home directories and I was still not able to make the income I needed to continue staying at home with our children.

I was very frustrated and I almost gave up and was considering working outside the home. But luckily, I found AmeriPlan® in July of 2003. I was so excited about AmeriPlan®. I researched the company and found out that Morely Safer, from 60 minutes, did a big special on them AND all the major pharmacies and vision centers were all with AmeriPlan®. Even my dentist was one of their provider! So, I knew the company was REAL! It was just going to be up to me. Do I want to work or do I want to sit and watch this amazing home-based company pass me by.

I then started to think, WHAT IF... I do very well with AmeriPlan® (like the thousands of people that are working for them). WHAT IF... this company gives me the FREEDOM I want and the money I want to continue staying at home with our children.

Besides, WHAT ELSE do I have going on right now that was going to get me out of debt and give the me the opportunity to be at home with my children.

So, I jumped in... rolled up my sleeves and started working hard immediately. For my efforts, I am now making a full-time income all from the comfort of my home. I am enjoying spending time with my children and remaining actively involved in their school and after school activities. I will never have to ask permission to attend any field trips.

It's funny how I was just looking for "a little thing to do on the internet." Well, that "little thing" has turned out to be a life changing experience."

Janie J. & Michael J.

Janie J. & Michael J.

Kelly F

Kelly F.

Kelly F., National Vice President

"Being with Ameriplan® for over 9 years, and making a full time income from home as a single mother to three young daughters, never gets old. I appreciate it every single day. It's not necessarily easy, it's just WORTH IT!

I love most of all that we offer services that save the average consumer money. It's not a company that sells a product that you may "want". We market benefit packages that our clients "NEED", and that gets me excited.

Every new team member that starts with us, starts with a fantastic reason why they want to be working at home. Take the first step toward your goals. Work hard and consistently for the best boss of all... YOU. We look forward to working with you. Set your sights on the victory. We're cheering you on."

Kristie W., Regional Vice President

"My name is Kristie W. and I am a proud Regional Vice President on the Freedom at Home Team! I am a mom of two beautiful children, they are my everything and the whole reason I work at home. I've been working with this team since 2006 and it has been such an incredible blessing for my family. Before AmeriPlan®, I had never worked at home before. I was in the mortgage industry and desperately wanted out of the rat race and my kids out of daycare. The tools, training and support that this team offered along with my consistent daily effort gave me an opportunity to build a successful business and come home full time to my kids in just 14 months. I absolutely love this team! Not only are we truly a family, but because of this team I am able to have the best of both worlds, a career and be the mom I've always wanted to be!!"

Kristie W.

Kristie W.

Amy J.

Amy J.

Amy J., National Sales Director

"My name is Amy I started with Ameriplan® January 2004. I first started my work at home search back in 2001 after I had my oldest child. I really was determined to find something I could do to bring in an extra income and care for him at the same time. It definitely was not an easy process it took me a few years of trial and error. I tried many companies that just did not work for me. I was looking to do something strictly on the phone and internet where I did not have to chase people, cold call, or beg people to join my company. I am very happy and proud to be an Ameriplan® IBO as well as a Freedom At Home Team member. This is definitely the place for me. My Home.

We look forward to helping you Find your Freedom At Home with our great team! If we can do it! You can Do it!"

Winnie W., National Sales Director

"My name is Winnie and I am so grateful to have found a company and team where I can serve others and make a true income from home. Whatever your dreams big or small, we can walk you toward them. For me, I couldn't imagine leaving my house at 8 am and coming back at 6 pm with someone else raising my baby boy--yet I still needed to help out with household expenses. But that's just me...what are your dreams and goals? I am grateful Ameriplan® allowed me to follow those dreams when I started here over five years ago. I hope we can help you follow yours as well."

Winnie W.

Winnie W.

Michelle S.

Michelle S.

Michelle S., National Sales Director

"As a single mom, I needed desperately to supplement my income. I began my search for something to do at home since the early 1990's. I started many different Lotion and potion companies the either failed me or were too darn expensive to maintain. I even got the Crazy notion that a Brick and Mortar Biz was the way to go! Boy, was I wrong!

In June of 2005, I immediately got started and found that there is no comparing this Company to anything else. Unlike other Companies, What you will find here is TRUE Heart, integrity, and Residual income. The Freedom at Home Team training, tools, and Support has guided me to achieve everything and MORE!

Next to the birth of my Son, Ameriplan® "IS" the best decision I have ever made. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without the things I've learned, My personal Growth, My residual friendships and income, and Most of all having my dreams come to fruition. It has Truly Changed my life."

Terri M., National Sales Director

"I began my search to work from home in March 2004. After much prayer and research, I started with Ameriplan® in January 2006 as a single mom with three amazing daughters and I have to honestly say, that these have been the BEST 5+ years of our life. We all have choices in life and I chose to strive to live a different lifestyle than I was living at the time. I knew if that was ever going to happen, it was up to me. I had to be the one to work hard to make that change. I encourage everyone to make that decision to obtain financial freedom and allow yourself that FREEDOM with your family. It can be done, but it is up to us!!! Ameriplan® has an opportunity that allows us a better way of life. We are making an amazing income while helping others. It is so rewarding in more ways than one. I will not tell you that it is always easy, but I can PROMISE that it is WORTH it! We have a simple business. All it takes is the will and determination to build it and let nothing stop us! I am so thankful for the life I have today and I am not finished. There is still so much more to accomplish and new income levels to reach.

I absolutely LOVE our Freedom at Home Team!! I would not be where I am today without all the training, tools, and most of all...the SUPPORT of this team!"

Terri M.

Terri M.

Daphne D.

Daphne D.

Daphne D., RSD

"My name is Daphne and I am a new Regional Sales Director on the Freedom at Home Team as of May, 2011! I was looking for a legitimate part time opportunity, and after months of sifting through all the junk out there, I found AmeriPlan® on the Christian Work at Home Moms website and found National Sales Director Kristie W. I got excited about the idea of helping moms stay home with their kids and make a great income with a credible company. Regretfully when I raised my kids, I worked outside the home and they were raised in daycare. The pain that resulted from my neglect as a mom motivates me to help young moms stay home with their kids! I’ve built successful businesses in the past and this career opportunity is just what I was looking for. The Freedom at Home organization is a great team to be part of and I look forward to helping my team mates make the most of this opportunity!"

Maria R., SESD

"My name is Maria and I'm a Senior Executive Sale Director on The Freedom At Home Team. I'm a busy wife and mother of two beautiful children and they are WHY I work from home. I spent many years in corporate America in the Hotel/Travel industry. It was a wonderful career and I got to travel to many, many places. But once my 1stchild arrived, I decided I could not work like this anymore. It did not allow me the flexibility that I needed with my schedule for my kids, and they are my everything. I wanted something that would work around them. Of course most people thought I was in a dream world. So, I tried several other home businesses that did not work out. But I kept on looking and then I came across Ameriplan®. And what I loved most about what I read and researched was the fact that they are a service based company with no products and I get to set my own days and hours. All I needed was my phone and computer to work. I knew this was it!! This was exactly my DREAM. And I have been part of this team since March 2007 and I absolutely love it!! I have true freedom at home and I'm continuing on this wonderful journey of SUCCESS!!!"

Maria R.

Maria R.

Ildiko V.

Ildiko V., RSD

"My name is Ildiko. I am a Regional Sales Director with Ameriplan® and a work-at-home mommy of 2 young children. My journey with Ameriplan® began in July, 2008 after looking for a real, legitimate work-at-home opportunity for almost 9 years. When I found this company I knew it was the real deal for me. I just felt it. I've been with the Freedom At Home Team for nearly 3 years now and I've been loving every moment of it. I love the people in our Team and the training that's provided is outstanding. The compensation the company offers is the best I have ever seen. I really feel truly blessed to be a part of the Freedom at Home Team and Ameriplan®."

Theresa S., RSD

"Hi, my name is Theresa. I am a Regional Sales Director on the Freedom At Home Team. I am married and I have two children, ages 11 and 4. I have been with Ameriplan® for just over a year and it has been a blessing for us! Not only have I been able to contribute to our household income, and still be here for my kids; I have seen myself grow. I used to be so quiet and shy and now I am outgoing and bubbly! I am not afraid to talk to people or pick up the phone! I am so grateful to a part of the Freedom At Home Team!"

Theresa S.

Donna H.

Donna H., RSD

"My name is Donna and I am a Regional Sales Director with the Freedom at Home Team. I am a wife and a Grandma and I love the freedom I have working from home. I have wanted to work from home for a long time, but I never found a business that suited my wants and needs until Ameriplan®. I have been with this team since 2009 and I'm thankful for the great group of people I work with and the opportunity I have to build a successful business."

Patti T., Executive Sales Director

My name is Patti Triplett and I'm an Executive Sales Director on Ameriplan’s® Freedom At Home Team. After searching for years, joining several different businesses, and losing lots of money, I made sure I was careful this time by doing all my research on the company. What a relief!!! I finally found a REAL COMPANY that pays REAL MONEY, where you don’t have to sell lotions, potions, diet shakes, or vitamins to your friends or family. I started my journey with Ameriplan in August of 2006, and what a blessing it has been for my family!!

If you’re skeptical like I was, just make sure to do your research. You will find out that Ameriplan® is a well-respected and nationally-recognized company that offers an opportunity that will change the quality of your life residually!!!

Patti T.

Kim Trzanowski

Kim Trzanowski, National Sales Director

It's official. National Sales Director. For those of you who don't know me, I came to Ameriplan® in February of 2008 after using their dental plan for over 4 years, saving about $7,000. In the next 4 years (2008-2012) I began my journey working with Ameriplan®. I NEVER EVER even considered for one tenth of a second that I would give up or quit. I told myself (and anyone who wanted to hear it) that I didn't care if it took me 2 months, 4 years, or 10 years to make it, I WILL make it, and Ameriplan® is HOW I will make it. I can't even begin to tell you how many people have tried to discourage me working from home..."Why don't you get a real job?" "Why don't you use your teaching degree you worked so hard at school for?" "Those things don't work..." "How long have you been doing this?" I just laugh and tell them this is where I am HAPPY. I LOVE what I do. I do my thing quietly, work business, train, grow, learn...Well, slow & steady wins the race they say....and here I AM!!!!!

I am a very happy mom of a special needs little boy who turns 10 in June. Born with medical & some emotional challenges, we have endured MANY medical procedures, surgeries, sick days, missed school, hospital trips, asthma attacks, life threatening allergies, etc. you name it. I have looked back over the last 4 years I have built my business, and realized that IF I HAD A JOB, I would have been fired from it at least 4 times over. The flexibility and freedom that this business gives you - and the support that this AMAZING TEAM gives you is hard to describe in words. You need to experience it to know. In the past 4 years my business has allowed me to grow, develop, dream, believe and ACHIEVE, and be the mother and wife that I want to be which is WITH MY FAMILY.

I want to thank Kelly Fuller, my enroller and FRIEND, for always being there whenever I needed you, for believing in me and challenging me to get here, and for letting me be me, but never letting me slide. I treasure you. I also want to thank Lisa Schlemmer, who I met on our team, and is now my best friend in the whole world, I love you and I also thank you for always being there for me, never judging me, and ALWAYS supporting and helping me. I would like to thank my AMAZING TEAM ~ and NEWEST Senior Regional Sales Directors, Jennifer Blake, Virginia Rhea, and Sharron Hanni for all their amazing hard work, effort, support and friendship ~ I am proud to lead this team to great places and be an amazing example for all who is a part of it. And lastly but never least, Janie Jones & Dennis and Daniel Bloom for all the OPPORTUNITY they have given to all of us who choose to receive it and run with it. Your dedication to OUR success is beyond appreciated.

Well, I got to enjoy Senior Executive Sales Director for 6 whole days...and I laugh about that because it really IS a short trip to National once you get to SESD. I want to encourage everyone to always go for your goals (I hardly ever set one, but I set THIS ONE and look what happened!) and never EVER quit before the blessing of achieving what you DESERVE to achieve!!! Someone once told me.....'just keep swimming...just keep swimming' .... and she was RIGHT! (Love you Kelly!!)

Jayme B., National Sales Director

My name is Jayme and I am a mother, wife and National Sales Director with AmeriPlan®. I have been with this company for almost five years and it has completely changed my life. We went from living paycheck to paycheck and the loom of having to put babies in daycare to make ends meet to making an amazing income from home and living a lifestyle most only dream of. AmeriPlan® is an amazing company offering a service that people truly NEED in this country! With elite credentials and no parties, inventory or running to friends and family I KNEW this was the opportunity for me and my family! With consistent focus and hard work, we can now enjoy the important things in life, take amazing vacations and live the life of our dreams!

Jayme B.

David M.

David M., Sr. Regional Sales Director

Hi. My name is David; I am a product of what the STRESS of Corporate America can do. I was in the Hospitality Industry for 24 years where I traveled 320 days a year. The STRESS resulted in a Massive Stroke in June, 2007.You see, after having the perfect life and everything I wanted with a career that I loved, I never imagined it all going away in an instant. After the stroke happened and I could no longer work outside the home, I lost almost all my self-confidence and really felt so guilty because I could no longer take care of my family. Along with that, all my self esteem flew out the window. I truly was a broken man. If I had not found Ameriplan®, and my Freedom At Home Team Family, that's the place where I would still reside. With this being said, here is what is happening in my life today. AmeriPlan® graciously affords me the opportunity to nicely supplement my disability income. My passion has always been to help other people succeed and I am accomplishing that today. I love my Freedom at Home Family and I love being a work at home DAD!

Theresa D., National Sales Director

My name is Theresa, and I "retired" from a counseling career to be a full time home mom to my wonderful boys, Connor and Kieran! I am also a caregiver to my mom who will be 92 in August, I am so blessed to have her. I am very busy, but in the extra moments I had, I missed helping others and wanted to try to work from home because we really needed the extra income! Plus, my priority "is" my family, so I did not want to take time away from my kids by going back to my traditional career.

I had tried many things in the past, including Amway, Cutco knives, Party-Lite Candles, medical transcription, typing and taking surveys! Most of these ventures ended up costing me money, instead of making money!

AmeriPlan® was the first at home work opportunity that I found where I am actually helping others, doing something I LOVE and making money! I cannot tell you how many wonderful people I have met, and they are all committed to helping each and every one of us succeed! This company pays well, they pay often, and provide a training system and give us the tools to ensure that we do well!

AmeriPlan® cares about it's IBOs, treats them well and they care about their members... they are committed to providing quality health care to every person in America at an affordable rate! Now, that is something that I can be proud of! Our audience is HUGE, it is the uninsured and the underinsured....plus, recently, we've added 6 more plans that help Americans SAVE money on other services that they use and need everyday. In these tough economic times, I can feel good about putting money back in people's pockets while helping them get the services that they need. Plus, a few years ago, when my dad became ill, I was able to take all the time I needed to be with him. He did eventually pass and I did not work for almost two years. I do not regret a minute of that because that is time I will never get back with my dad. What amazed my husband and I was that even though I was not putting any business on the books, my check still came. Every month it was there... THAT is the beauty of residual income!

Join us, and you can start earning residual income too! You will NOT look back! See ya at the top!

I am very fortunate to have a loving and supportive husband, who believes in AmeriPlan® as much as I do and my two boys cannot believe the vacations we have been able to take and the places we can now go because of the residual income that I have earned with this company! It is a very simple business and a very good business. If you like helping others, you will do great at this!

Theresa D.

Lisa S.

Lisa S., National Sales Director

I am a single mom of a teenager, caregiver, and fed up employee that was working, but broke with no medical coverage. Those three things elevated my "WHY" in such a grand way that the only option available to me was success. I had no choice people were counting on me and I did not have the luxury of quitting! I came into the business with the mindset to make money, I liked the fact I could help people too, but what drove me was the fact I could get paid every day. Having people in my life tell me I "can't" do something is like giving me a key to the Vault at the Bank, It is going to happen! I am so thankful for Dennis and Daniel, I have had the opportunity to meet great leaders and be motivated and inspired by them. I have a great team of individuals working toward a common goal of lifetime security while helping people on the way. Whatever your goal, dream, inspiration, motivation, or need may be, Ameriplan® will take you there if you don't "play with it" Give this business the respect you would if you were working on someone else's job building their dream and your dream will materilize right before your eyes.

When I think about my options in life I knew Ameriplan® was all I had. This had to work because there was nothing else and the more I looked at it, the more I saw this was truly "GOOD" I am not saying it will be easy, but I am saying it is worth it, decide today that you are more than your circumstance and just make up your mind to do it, this is what I did and it has helped me develop personally, as a friend, business partner, and income earner.

My aunts and daughters are very proud of me and I am proud of myself for sticking with it, I have been accused of having tunnel vision, when you are in a war there will be casualities, you cannot worry about them, your life depends on working smart to get out alive and bring those with you who are helping you defeat the enemy. My enemy is DEBT and lack of Freedom, both of those things I will Kill! This team is powerful, successful, motivated to win at all costs and I am glad I am part of it, I am coming out alive and bringing my family and teammates with me! Together we will rise to higher levels and not just embrace money and time freedom but be Prosperous in every area of our lives building sharing working and celebrating together.

Michelle E., National Sales Director

Wow! I can't believe it. I am a National Sales Director that is part of the Presidents Club. $26,000 a year... seriously? lol... this is so exciting!! I have never in MY LIFE, made that much money, never. The fact that this is RESIDUAL just completely humbles me. To think I have built a foundation that will be a lifetime security for my children and family is so surreal.

Who would think you could do that from home using your internet and phone? ..

Before Ameriplan, I didn't know you could do such a thing. I am just so amazed with our company and the opportunity that is provided to allow us to build such an amazing empire for ourselves. We get to create our life. WE DESIGN IT! No longer living by default. I always thought of myself as one of those who would be living life with the cards that were dealt to me no matter how hard I tried. That is pretty scary when your cards don't look so good. Let me tell you , I am so forever grateful for making the decision to attend Convention 2012 because it changed my whole entire point of view on myself, on life, on my future, children's future, my beliefs , thoughts, everything. I left that event feeling like a new person with a new profound reason to be here. I WAS WORTH FIGHTING FOR. I no longer was going to live by default ANYMORE. I wanted to create a life that was worth living and passing on to my children and theirs to come.

Ameriplan has done that for me. My AMAZING team has done this for us and I , a 26 year old mom , who was a teen mom on welfare who dropped out of high school at 15 years old and struggled every since, DID IT!!! I did it... it has been such an emotional ride for me , because I knew it was coming, and as one of my Ameriplan sisters, Kristie Degraw always says, "It is not a matter of if, but WHEN". That is so true, because Ameriplan will work for EVERYONE. EVERYBODY can be in the presidents club, making six figures, driving a Cadillac and having a NVP title. ALL of us can have it, we just gotta work our tails off for it, get rid of every excuse and NEVER give up and eventually that "when" will be your present moment!

I am very thankful for my family for having my back through this process. My husband , Tony , sacrificed his time, sleep, hobbies, etc to work 2 full time jobs for over a year so I could be at home building our business. He worked 20 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. It was very hard and I had crazy days to say the least being at home by myself the majority of the week, taking care of 3 kids, their school activities, after school activities, mom/wife/house duties and then building this business and on top of that my kids missing their dad, because he was never home. But because of the TEMPORARY SACRIFICES we chose to make, he has now quit that 2nd job, works only 40 hours a week and is at home with us for celebrations, dinners, homework, recitals, boyscouts, family time, etc. Tony is able to be the dad and husband he wants to be and I am truly grateful for him being in my corner this entire time.

Our kids... Michael, Rayahna, and Elijah. Oh.. my sweet babies.. MAMA IS HOME FOR LIFE!! TO know that I will never ever ever have to worry about job searches, interviews, selling myself to an employer, working 40+ hours a week, kissing butt for a 30 cent raise, begging for a day off, leaving my kids at daycare and safekey, missing out on all the good moments is so wonderful, I feel like I have to pinch myself. It brings tears to my eyes because I get to see my babies grow up and be here for their every move. MOMMY won't miss anything! Through out this whole year and half they were so good! They know what I am doing and respect it. Its so cute to see them pick up the phone and answer " Hi, this is Rayray with Ameriplan" lol. It makes me smile, because I know that they are proud of me. That drives me everyday . Knowing that this is a family affair makes it all the better, because we all played apart in this.

I have been able to build an amazing organization and with out these people, I would not be here. TEAM WORK REALLY DOES MAKE THE DREAM WORK! Every person on my team played apart in this. So entirely grateful for everyone but also excited to see them excel! However, I have to give a special shout out to my 3 team members who have been fighting to climb the ladder to experience their own financial freedom.

First and foremost, Miss Ildi Cline. You saw my ad on craiglist 5 1/2 years ago and jumped in during a promotion. I didn't realize that at that time , you would be the thread that held me here in place for 3 years while I had a 20 year old mid life
crisis :) . You have always stayed consistent, every day and never not once gave up. By you not giving up on yourself allowed me an opportunity to not give up either. So thank you for your hard work, consistency, leadership and friendship. I truly am grateful for you and the team you have built as well. You will definitely be next for National Sales Director and Presidents! I can't wait to celebrate that with you!

Miss Cory Schuab you are just simply amazing! You have so much drive and potential and that is why you are a senior regional sales director. You are gonna go so far in this company and because you see that vision you have helped me reach my own. I can't wait to see where you will be in one year! Thank you for your leadership and friendship !

Kara Stevens, you too will be a very very young 6 figure earner here in Ameriplan! You are 25 years old and have the same potential and drive and I cannot wait to see where you are at in the next few years!! You are not going to be SRSD for
long girly :)

Of course all my mentors here... Janie Jones, Michael Jones, Kristie Degraw, Maria Rappa , Kelly Fuller, and Jayme Boyles. You all have played a huge role here with my success in this company and I love all of you! Jayme ... I couldn't do this with out you girl . I appreciate you to the fullest !

The Freedom at Home Team is an amazing group of people. I have been able to connect with so many of you and you all drive me each and everyday. I love you guys!! Can't wait to see your faces at convention xo

Dennis and Daniel ... the most amazing twins that walked this planet, they seriously need a Hollywood star or something on the walk of fame, because they are changing peoples lives each day. Their vision has changed my life forever! If that is not iconic then I don't know what is, because if it wasn't for their company, I don't know where I would be. SO THANK YOU!! I feel so blessed!

Pretty Exciting to start using this signature:

National Sales Director
25k Presidents Club Member

Michelle E.

Cindy G.

Cindy G., National Sales Director

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

I thank the Lord everyday in helping me find this Wonderful Venture. I would like to thank Dennis and Danial Bloom first of all because of the Foot-Print of this Amazing Business that we all can participate in. I was looking for something to do at home. On March 17, 2012 on St. Patrick's day, is when I signed up. Then God hooked me up with an Amazing Leader, Teacher and Mentor, Kathleen Strooband. Her advertising is what caught my Husbands attention. He didn't want me to have to go out of the house to work, when he knew I didn't want to have a Boss again, when I had been my own boss for years. I had been ruined for Corp. America type work. Kathleen took the time in showing me the steps and beyond, in helping me to get to where I am now, NSD. Thank you Kathleen! I have made a lifetime friend in her, and in many others in this business and on this team. Can you tell I am Giddy?

I'm so looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. I have so much to be thankful for...I want to thank my Team Players. I have AMAZING team players that have worked hard and have made this business work for them. They have been all in from the beginning and the ride with them has made this fun. I have made it my passion to help others and AmeriPlan has given me the Vehicle to continue to do that, whether it is with the Benefits for people who can't afford insurance or Teaching people who want to have their own Business with AmeriPlan. I try to be the best for my team mates and put others needs first (within reason), and to be compassionate to teach others how to build something for themselves. That is why I do the "Getting Organized" call and am Thankful to do so. I decided to follow what ever the Leaders showed me and told me because they had been there and done that and I didn't know diddly. To any of you who are new, if you want a sure fire way to succeed in this business, get on the training calls so you can be guided to success. Your Success is their Success.

Thanks to Janie, Kelly, Kristie, Michelle, Winney and Patti, and to all of the others on the Freedom at Home Team, that help make the training as simple to follow as getting on the calls and doing what they have done before us. How simple is that?

Cindy G
National Sales Director

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The AmeriPlan® Health discount medical plans offer a reduction in the cost of medical, dental, vision, pharmaceutical and chiropractic services. AmeriPlan® Health benefit programs are not insurance, nor are they an alternative to or substitution for insurance coverage. Since they are not health insurance, members must use AmeriPlan® providers and members are responsible for payment to the AmeriPlan® providers at point of service of discount healthcare fees incurred. If you currently have insurance, you should be aware that canceling that policy may make it difficult to later obtain coverage. AmeriPlan® Health recommends that you speak to your insurance agent or your company's insurance administrator before canceling any health insurance policy for any reason.